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   What is dry aged beef?

  Raw beef carcasses, stored to be matured for a long time, exposed to special conditions: strict control of humidity, temperature and air circulation. During maturation, the moisture in the meat evaporates, the meat being subjected to a natural enzymatic and biochemical process, after which the collagen decomposes and the meat becomes much more fragile, more juicy, with a concentrated, particularly intense taste.

   The maturation is made for at least 14 days, preferably 28 – 30 days. Exceptionally, in some locations the maturation reaches 240 days.

   Why is dry aged meat expensive?

  The ripening process is expensive, requiring space storage conditions and strictly controlled conditions: from air circulation, adjusting the temperature and humidity.

  After aging, the meat loses approx. 20% of its volume.

The dry texture from the surface of the matured meat must be removed before preparation. The beef looses up to 50% of the original weight.

Tomahawk | 100 gr.

T-Bone | 100gr.

Aged 30 days 40 lei/ 100gr
Aged 40 days 50 lei / 100gr
Aged 50 days 60 lei/ 100gr

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